The brand new adult education programme is available online,

It’s also at the printers and paper copies should be available at the end of next week (29/7/2016)

In the programme you’ll find the usual wide range of programmes that you can take part in over the 2016/17 school year.

Please take a look at the programme. It is worth noting that although we try and vary the times and locations of the programmes, we cannot please everyone all the time. If you cannot find a course at a time or place that suits you – please contact us, as the only way we can know if other courses are needed is if you tell us – use the email address.

In  the programme, not only will you find details of our own courses, but also key partners in the area. Together we offer a comprehensive range of activities.

You might also have seen the post we put up about MOOCs: MOOCs What? Where? How. Linked to that, I just saw this post on Medium, a list of the top 50 MOOCS as identified by Class Central you can find it here.¬†It’s really interesting the wide range of subjuects you can study, and how you could potentially use MOOCs to completely change your career path, particularly into technology.

We look forward to seeing familiar and new faces at our classes in the coming year.





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